Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Call your Senators right now and tell them to reject the GOP tax plan that provides a huge Christmas giveaway to the Trumps

GOP Tax plan will make the Trumps' richer
Republicans in Washington think they’re on the verge of passing their tax scam. But the vote in the Senate is expected to be very close. If we can sway just three Republicans to stand with Democrats and oppose the tax plan, we can defeat this bill just like we defeated Trumpcare.

A few of the truly disgusting aspects of the Trump tax scam are what it does for Donald Trump and his family, and multinational corporations that ship jobs overseas. If passed, the tax plan would:
  • Weaken the estate tax, which only impacts the richest 0.2% of Americans―including Trump’s family;
  • Lower tax rates on so-called “pass-throughs,” including hedge funds,  private equity firms, and real estate LLCs―like Trump’s;
  • And, reward corporations that have, for years, been dodging taxes―allowing them to repatriate offshore profits at lower rates, encouraging multinational corporations to continue shipping jobs and profits overseas.
This bill will not create jobs or higher wages for working people as Republicans claim. It is nothing more than a massive handout to the wealthy and corporations on the backs of working families.

Call your Senators right now and tell them to reject Donald Trump and Republican leaders’ tax plan that provides a huge Christmas giveaway to Donald Trump and his family, but a lump of coal for the rest of us.

Here’s a suggested call script:
Call: 888-516-5820

My name is _______. I live in TOWN, STATE and I’m a constituent of the Senator's.

I want Senator [NAME] to OPPOSE the Senate tax plan that delivers huge tax cuts to America’s wealthiest families and corporations. Instead of tax breaks for hedge funds and private equity firms―that just increase income and wealth inequality―we need a tax plan that invests in critical programs for working families.
- Josh Bivens
Director of Research, EPI Policy Center


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