Saturday, December 16, 2017

Submit official comment to Dept. of Labor to protect tipped wages of servers

Since taking office, Donald Trump has continuously sided with Wall Street, big business and the Chamber of Commerce over working people.

He has allowed Wall Street “investors” to fleece retirement savers out of billions of dollars.

He is letting employers hide fatal injuries that happen on their watch.

He has refused to uphold overtime pay rules that would raise the wages of millions of working people, and much more!

Time and again, Donald Trump has undone or refused to enforce rules that protect the rights and wages of working people. And now he’s siding with the National Restaurant Association over tipped workers.

Donald Trump’s Department of Labor has proposed a new rule that would let restaurant owners steal the tips of its servers. EPI estimates that employers could pocket roughly $5.8 billion in workers’ tips each year under Trump’s proposed rule.

Submit an official comment to the Department of Labor today to oppose this proposed rule and to protect the tipped wages of servers.

DOL has proposed this rule under the guise of sharing tips with untipped employees like cooks and dishwashers. But nothing in the rule actually requires employers to distribute the pooled tips―meaning managers and owners would have the right to pocket them.

Additionally, DOL did not provide its own estimate of the amount of tips that will be transferred from workers to employers―even though such an estimate is legally required.

One plausible explanation for why DOL left out the required estimate is that any good-faith estimate would have shown this proposed rule will result in a substantial shift of tips from workers to employers (EPI estimates the shift would be roughly $5.8 billion).

But before Donald Trump’s DOL can implement this awful rule, they are required to hold a public comment period.

Stand with EPI and millions of tipped workers across the country. Submit your official comment to the Department of Labor to oppose this rule and to protect the tipped wages of working people.

Together, we’re standing up to an administration that shows its repeated contempt for working people. We’re demanding an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few!

- Heidi Shierholz
Senior Economist and Director of Policy, EPI

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