Friday, December 8, 2017

Tell Senate Judiciary Committee: reject racist Thomas Farr's appointment as a federal judge

Thomas Farr has been North Carolina’s chief defender of voting laws that a federal court said “target African Americans with almost surgical precision.” His nomination for the longest judicial vacancy in the nation comes at the expense of two highly-qualified African-American female judges who were blocked from even receiving a Committee hearing. Farr’s history of mistreatment of North Carolina’s African-American voters makes him ill-suited to preside over a region with a sizeable Black population. Despite Farr's history, and the availability of qualified nominees who reflect the state; the two Senators from North Carolina have ignored the community and thrown their support behind a man dedicated to suppressing the Black vote.

Thomas Farr is the last person who should be given the power to adjudicate voting laws in North Carolina.

Farr's nomination fits into a larger pattern that sees placing ultra-conservative federal judges on the bench as one of the few areas that the Trump Administration is productive. In the absence of legislative success, the Trump Administration has done everything they can to roll back our rights with executive orders and nominations. We must work to make sure that the rights of Black voters are protected by the judiciary -- and placing Thomas Farr would be a decidedly terrible setback for democracy in North Carolina.

Join us in demanding that Thomas Farr gets rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee

President Trump is rewarding Thomas A. Farr, North Carolina’s chief defender of voter suppression, with a plum federal judgeship. The U.S. Senate’s Judiciary Committee will vote on his nomination very soon. It is imperative that we let them know Thomas Farr is unacceptable for the federal bench!

Join me in making sure that Thomas Farr isn't given the power of the federal bench.

Sign the petition.

- the Color Of Change team

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