Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Protest trans ban at McSally's, ask for legislation to support trans rights

What a week.

All in one day, just prior to the terrible Hurricane Harvey crashing into Texas, we found out that:
1. There will be an announcement about the end of protections for Dreamers;
2.  Trump finalized text on an official transgender ban for military service;
3.  Racist and convicted criminal former Sheriff Joe Arpaio was pardoned.
THURSDAY a partnership of groups will be meeting to "welcome" Rep. McSally at an event featuring her.  Once again the event is a closed, $60 "pay-to-play" which is not open to regular constituents.  Instead, we will be meeting at the intersection of Skyline Dr. and Campbell to "welcome" her.

Tomorrow, Thursday August 31st at 11AM
Corner of Skyline and Campbell

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