Monday, August 14, 2017

Tell Chief of Staff John Kelly: There's no place for white nationalist allies in the White House

The horrific violence witnessed in Charlottesville this weekend -- culminating in a deadly terrorist attack -- is part of a growing trend of white nationalist "alt-right" hate unleashed by the 2016 campaign. The White House has a responsibility to not only condemn, but to fight this scourge. And that begins with ridding the White House of those who champion alt-right ideas and whose rhetoric emboldens white nationalists: Stephen Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka.

Only days before the attack in Charlottesville, Gorka was on television downplaying the threat of white nationalist violence. This weekend proves once again that the threat is real. And any serious strategy to combat it must begin with removing these men from the White House.

Sign the petition here. It's even more powerful if you add a personal comment. 

- J Street

2. Gorka's Dubious Past Includes Failing Hungary's National Security Test, by David Neiwert for the Southern Poverty Law Center

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