Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sign petition: Don’t rescind regulations that protect drinking water for Americans.

Photo Credit: Joshua Doubek

Waterways could soon face an increased threat from the damaging and possibly deadly effects of fracking due to a new Trump Administration attempt to scrap Obama-era laws. Like so much else, Trump’s only goal with this policy is to simply erase any trace of President Obama, even if that means potentially killing Americans in the process.

The Obama regulations hold fracking companies to higher construction standards and require that chemicals in fracking be publicly disclosed. However, the Trump administration says the regulations on fracking are “burdensome.”

To scrap these regulations would give giant gas companies the ability to knowingly pollute the drinking water of millions of Americans. They knowingly can leak toxic chemicals into waterways without alerting property owners. This destruction will be irreversible and deadly. Demand that the protections remain in place.

Target: Michael D. Nedd, Acting Director, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Don’t rescind regulations that protect drinking water for millions of Americans.


Dear Mr. Nedd,

The Trump Administration is proposing to put millions of Americans at risk by removing regulations that protect drinking water from the effects of fracking. Donald Trump wants nothing more than to erase President Obama’s legacy, even if that means harming Americans.

The American people deserve to have access to clean and safe drinking water. Should the Trump Administration scrap these regulations, Trump will have cemented a legacy- one in which he’ll be remembered as the man who sent the environment and Americans to their death. I demand that your department not allow these regulations to be scrapped.


[Your Name Here]


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