Friday, April 28, 2017


It's time we caught up with the rest of the civilized world and got universal health care. Why do we have to pay so much more than the rest of the civilized world for healthcare? Congress can use our collective bargaining power and negotiate a good rate. Look at Bernie's Medicare for All plan. We pay more in taxes, but it is less than insurance premiums (not even counting deductibles we pay now.)

So everyone saves money and we are a humane nation that takes care of all our people. People won't have to decide between going to the doctor or paying for rent and food. We will have less homeless people.

Sen. Jeff Flake - (202) 224-4521
Sen. John McCain - (202) 224-2235
Rep. Martha McSally - (202) 225-2542

I got this from Sanders’ campaign literature:

Bernie's Medicare-for-all plan would save the average American family $3,855 to $5,173 in annual health care costs.

Instead of an insurance premium, a family making $50,000 — roughly the median family income — would only pay $1,100 in health care income taxes. That’s $3,855 less than what it would pay out-of-pocket for the average premium ($4,955, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation) and $5,173 less if a deductible ($1,318, for individual coverage) is factored in.

As for employers, the 6.7 percent payroll tax means employers would put up $3,350 for family coverage. That’s also thousands less than the average employer premium contribution of $12,591.

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