Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Revised (worse) version of Trumpcare up for a vote.

On the House non-vote on Trumpcare :

I know if it's a sad irony or a wonderful irony or a bit of both, but it's definitely ironic that the poor were saved from a malicious act of cruelty by a group - the Freedom Caucus - who refused to support that act of cruelty because it wasn't cruel enough." - Zach Hunt

A revised version is up for a vote again. They have removed even more services - to satisfy this group.

Congress promised they wouldn’t take away health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions, like cancer. But a new version of the U.S. House health care bill strips away protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

If this bill becomes law, cancer patients and survivors of any age may not be able to afford insurance in the individual market, and plans that might be affordable may not cover treatment.

We need Congress to keep their promise. Will you take one minute to leave a message with your U.S. Representative’s office before they vote?

Your lawmaker won’t get on the phone personally, and staff will not ask you questions other than your name and hometown. It’s as simple as leaving the message we’ve provided below.

Step 1:
Call your U.S. Representative, Martha McSally, at (202) 225-2542

Step 2:
Leave the following message. You’re always welcome to add your personal story, but it’s not required.

“My name is [your name] and I live in [city]. I’m calling to ask you to oppose the American Health Care Act as currently being discussed, when the vote takes place. Thank you.”
Call now. I just got through to an assistant.

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