Thursday, April 13, 2017

Members of Congress return home for a recess from April 8 - 23. Attend a Resistance Recess event in your area and make your voice heard!

From: Emma Greenman, CPD Action
Date: April 7, 2017
Subject: Don't miss "Resistance Recess" this April

Today, the Senate confirmed Trump’s extreme right-wing Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on a mostly party line vote: 54 to 45.

In the fight to block Gorsuch’s nomination, your calls and petitions and visits to Senate offices moved all but three Democratic senators to oppose moving Gorsuch’s confirmation forward, denying him the 60 votes required for confirmation.

But yesterday, Senate Republicans blew up the long-standing rules of the Senate by invoking the ‘nuclear option’ in order to force Gorsuch’s confirmation through. Republicans knew the American people weren’t on their side when it came to Gorsuch. But instead of listening to their constituents and changing the nominee, the GOP majority changed the rules for Trump to install his nominee on the Supreme Court for decades to come.

Let’s be clear: this move was a self-interested political attack on our democracy and our communities. Gorsuch, like all of Trump’s appointments, has a record of siding with corporations and wealthy donors over working people. And by changing the rules, Republicans are complicit each and every time Gorsuch’s decisions on the Supreme Court favor wealthy corporations, roll back voting rights, and allow big money to drown out the voices of everyday people in our democracy.

We must make it clear to Republicans that they must answer for their actions or be replaced with leaders who actually stand up to protect their constituents! And we must continue to show Democrats that we want them to resist Trump’s racist, corporate agenda, and support those who have our backs.

Members of Congress return home tomorrow for a two-week recess from April 8 to April 23. Find and attend a Resistance Recess event in your area and make your voice heard!

This is a tough loss, but we must continue to fight back. The mobilization of our neighbors, friends, and family has moved many Democratic senators to stand firmly on the side of everyday people and those communities who have the most to lose by giving Gorsuch a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. We need to show them our support and continue urging them to use every resource they have to stand up for our communities and stand against Trump’s dangerous agenda.

Meanwhile, Republicans up for reelection next year are risking it all by breaking the rules for Trump and threatening our constitutional rights and democratic liberties. Let’s send a clear message: Those who stand with Trump will lose their seats to leaders who will stand with us and the American people!

Keep bringing the pressure. Join us for Resistance Recess over the next two weeks to show Congress we won’t be silent!

When we said our resistance work would be a long-term fight, we weren’t kidding. The resistance takes stamina, I know. But our organizing only makes us stronger, and if we continue to stand together and joyfully resist, as the chant goes, “I believe that we will win!”

Now let’s make our voices heard during Resistance Recess: Find or sign up for a recess event today.

In solidarity,

Emma Greenman
Director of Voting Rights & Democracy

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