Monday, April 24, 2017

Trump wants to hear your thoughts on rolling back common-sense environmental protections

President Trump and his EPA Chief Scott Pruitt have launched a bogus series of "public hearings" to take suggestions about which environmental safeguards should be "repealed, replaced, or modified." If Trump and Pruitt want to hear from "the public," then let's give them what they want. (I couldn't find the place on the EPA website to make a comment.) Send your official "letter of comment" to President Trump and EPA Administrator Pruitt reminding them that common-sense environmental safeguards protect our climate, our environment and our health.

You can send your Letter of Comment from HERE.

Your message will be sent to:
President Donald J. Trump
Administrator E. Scott 'Scott' Pruitt

Subject line:

I oppose arbitrary efforts to roll back common-sense environmental protections

Dear President Trump and Administrator Pruitt:

My husband and I live in Tucson, Arizona where we work hard to restore our depleted groundwater. What a lot of people don't understand is that just 3% of the earth's water is drinkable.  According to the U.S. Geological Survey, most of that three percent is inaccessible (in icecaps and glaciers). As more states experience droughts, there will be even less water to go around.  As you can see, it is vital that we protect the rivers and streams that feed our water sources. 

I support common-sense regulations and safeguards that protect our environment, our climate, public health and our nation's clean energy progress. I object to your administration's wholesale effort to arbitrarily find regulations that can be "repealed, replaced, or modified."

It's not true that environmental safeguards harm our nation and our economy. To the contrary, they protect our health, conserve resources and save lives - benefits that far exceed the cost of compliance, year after year. For example, the Clean Air Act alone has saved millions of lives and more than $30 trillion in avoided healthcare costs over the course of its implementation.

The Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act protect drinking water for hundreds of millions of Americans. 

And the Clean Power Plan is our most important tool for avoiding a climate change catastrophe and is projected to provide billions more in economic benefits than it will cost to implement. 

Please stop this senseless campaign to turn back the clock on 50 years of environmental gains. The fate of future generations depends on it. 

Jana Segal
Tucson, Arizona

NOTICE that I added a short personal message in the first paragraph to get their attention.

I did find the Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda.

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