Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Call Sens. McCain and Flake: Block Trump's Putin-linked pick for this key DOJ post

The Senate could vote to confirm Trump's unqualified, Russia-linked nominee to head the DOJ's Criminal Division any day now. Brian Benczkowski would be disastrous for the integrity of Robert Mueller's investigation. Call Sens. McCain and Flake now to demand that they vote against this confirmation.
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Trump and his lapdogs are planning to ram through the confirmation of an unqualified Russia-linked lawyer to head the Department of Justice Criminal Division while the media and public are focused on Trump's Supreme Court nomination.
If the Senate votes to confirm Brian Benczkowski, it could have disastrous implications for the Mueller investigation. Benczkowski said he will not recuse himself from the investigation despite his work for Putin-linked Alfa Bank, and he could become a conduit for information on the investigation to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is recused from the investigation.1
Benczkowski's nomination was confirmed out of committee on a party-line vote months ago but has been stalled. Now Mitch McConnell is moving him forward for a floor vote this week.2 Call your Republican senators, Sens. McCain and Flake today.
Not only is Benczkowski – who has virtually no prosecutor experience – massively underqualified to head the DOJ's Criminal Division, his appointment could come at a disastrous time as Trump is increasingly threatened by the Mueller investigation.3
If Trump did move to fire Mueller's boss Rod Rosenstein, he could temporarily appoint any Senate-confirmed official in his place. But even without such a bold move, Benczkowski would have major access to inside information from the Mueller investigation. Mueller may even have to seek input from the Criminal Division for some aspects of his work.
After Benczkowski's nomination hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse noted that Benczkowski's previous work in the Senate under then-Senator Sessions' leadership, as well as his elusive answers to probing questions, were deeply troubling:
I remain concerned he could provide a back channel to his old boss and to the man in the Oval Office who’s declared open war on the Mueller investigation, and that procedures in place are not adequate to detect or prevent this.4
If just a few Republicans stand up to Trump on this disastrous pick for a crucial DOJ post, we can stop him.
Call Sens. McCain and Flake now: Block Trump's unqualified and Russian-linked nominee to head the DOJ's Criminal Division. Click the link below to get started with your calls:
- Kaili Lambe, CREDO Action
Click below for a sample script and the number to call:
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