Friday, July 20, 2018

Tell your Representative: Don't allow mining to pollute Boundary Waters Wilderness

TAKE ACTION  Speak out to defend Boundary Waters!

A small but vocal group of representatives in the U.S. House are encouraging President Trump to allow foreign companies to set up mining operations in some of the nation's most iconic wild places.

Not only are they pushing for mining around the rim of the Grand Canyon, they are also targeting the beloved Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northeastern Minnesota.

Take action: Tell your Representative to defend Boundary Waters.

As the most frequently visited wilderness in our country, Boundary Waters is a national treasure. Its vast system of more than 1,000 lakes and rivers provides endless canoe, kayaking and fishing adventures. But this interconnected water system also makes the area especially sensitive to toxic pollution that would be introduced by nearby mining.

It's important that this destructive idea does not catch on in Congress! Tell your Representative to oppose mining on the edge of Boundary Waters Wilderness and other special wild places.

- The Wilderness Society 

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