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Protect the Mueller investigation.Tell the House: Resist efforts to impeach Rosenstein

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"Protect the integrity of Robert Mueller's investigation. Resist the efforts to impeach his supervisor, Rod Rosenstein."
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Tell the U.S. House: Protect the Mueller investigation. Resist any effort to impeach Rosenstein
Reps. Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan along with other Trump lapdogs in the House want to impeach Rod Rosenstein, who oversees Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's Russia ties.1
It's an outrageous and blatant attempt to discredit Mueller's investigation and protect Trump from Mueller's findings.2 The timing could not be more suspect: According to news reports, Rep. Meadows "had the impeachment document on the floor of the House at the very moment that Rosenstein spoke to reporters and TV cameras" to unveil the indictments of 12 Russian agents last Friday.3
In the wake of Trump's Putin presser and subsequent invitation of Putin to Washington, some Republicans have been critical of Trump, but instead of actually doing something to rein him in, Congress is poised to allow these extremists to give Trump cover by threatening the Mueller investigation.
Of course one of the chief architects behind this gross abuse of power is Rep. Nunes, a former member of the Trump transition team, who has done everything he can to undermine Mueller's investigation – as well as the parallel congressional investigation.4 Purportedly, he was forced to step aside from running the House Russia investigation after sharing classified information directly with the press and the White House in 2017.5 Nunes' most loyal ally in his effort to impeach Rosenstein is Rep. Jordan, who was recently named by Ohio State University survivors as complicit in covering up sexual abuse and seems to have a vendetta against investigations.6,7
Supposedly their attempt to impeach Rosenstein is based on his refusal to turn over classified documents. But given Nunes' history of leaking confidential information, Rosenstein is clearly in the right. Furthermore, the impeachment of a non-cabinet executive branch official is practically unheard of, but Trump and his lapdogs will try anything to undermine Mueller's investigation.8
Earlier this month, the Senate confirmed Trump-appointed Putin-linked Brian Benczkowski to head the Department of Justice Criminal Division, even though Benczkowski refused to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.9 As the new DOJ Criminal Division head, Benczkowski, who previously worked closely with Jeff Sessions, is now in a position where he can leak information about Mueller's probe to Sessions, who is recused, and even to Trump, who may be a subject of the investigation.10 If Nunes, Jordan and other Trump lapdogs succeed in impeaching Rosenstein, Trump could name Benczkowski as Rosenstein's replacement and effectively end Mueller's investigation.11
Tell Congress: Protect the integrity of Robert Mueller's investigation. Resist the efforts to impeach Rosenstein. Click the link below to sign the petition.
- Kaili Lambe, CREDO Action 
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