Thursday, July 12, 2018

Submit your comment today to stop the Sinclair-Tribune Media merger or Trump TV

The ultra-conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group is on the verge of merging with Tribune Media. If this happens, they’ll be able to take over television stations in 72% of American homes with Trump propaganda.(1)
The FCC is currently taking public comments regarding the Sinclair-Tribune merger, but we only have until TOMORROW, July 12, to submit them. Can you take a few minutes today to protest the merger?
To submit your comment, simply enter the proceeding number (17-179) and fill out your information.* Not sure what to say? Here’s a comment that you can use:
I urge the FCC to deny the merger petition between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Media. Sinclair is already the country's largest broadcast company and if merged with Tribune Media, they would own stations that reach 72% of American households -- consolidating the power to decide what information reaches us into the hands of a powerful few. Sinclair has a history of forcing local stations to air politically biased segments produced at their corporate headquarters rather than news that reflects the concerns and interests of the communities. I urge you to reject the Sinclair-Tribune merger.”
We cannot allow Trump’s propaganda to be pumped into our homes. Let the FCC know that we will not stand for the Sinclair-Tribune merger.
-  The Courage team
*Note: When submitting a comment on the FCC website, all information -- including names and addresses -- will be publicly available via the web.