Monday, July 30, 2018

Urge Members of Congress: Fix America's parks by supporting this bipartisan legislation TODAY!

It’s not every day that we come to you with news and an opportunity like this!

Both chambers of Congress -- with strong support from both Republicans and Democrats, plus the Trump administration, have come together around new legislation that begins to address the $11.6 billion in overdue maintenance projects in America’s national parks.

This is truly remarkable and it’s our best opportunity in more than 50 years to get the parks the help they need with much-needed repairs! But for this to happen, Congress needs to know you care.

Urge your members of Congress to do everything they can to fix America's parks by supporting and passing this bipartisan legislation today!

America's national parks suffer from more than $11 billion worth of overdue maintenance needs, such as degraded roads, deteriorated trails and outdated visitor centers.

Thankfully, Republicans, Democrats and the administration recently worked together to craft this legislation that addresses the most critical maintenance needs in our national parks over the next five years.

Congress is to make a significant investment in protecting and repairing America’s national parks for future generations, they simply must hear from you. Tell your members of Congress to support and pass this important legislation today!    

- Emily Douce. Director of Budget & Appropriations

Below is the letter you'll find on the link above. 

You can also send a your revised letter through their websites:

I'm not sure about Sen. Flake's position on the bill, so the letter (below) would be fine for him.

As one of the 1.3 million members and supporters of the National Parks Conservation Association and as your constituent, I urge you to do everything you can to support and pass the Restore Our National Parks (and Public Lands) Act (S. 3172/H.R. 6510) that, if enacted, would help address the most critical maintenance needs in America's national parks.

National parks suffer from over $11 billion in overdue repairs such as deteriorated roads, overrun trails, and degraded visitor centers. This consensus bill brings together bipartisan champions from similar legislative proposals striving to address these maintenance issues in our parks.

Please provide the overdue and necessary funding to address the backlog of repairs in national parks by supporting and passing S. 3172/H.R. 6510. If you have already cosponsored this legislation, thank you! Your continued support is crucial.

We must ensure national parks protect America's natural wonders and history for our children and grandchildren. Thank you.

More information:

Bill would create fund for national park maintenance

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