Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Trump is expected to announce his Supreme Court pick to replace Justice Kennedy on Monday, July 9. We know by now that he doesn’t like to stick to schedules. So whether it’s Monday night, Tuesday morning, or Friday evening -- it doesn’t change our plans.
Starting Monday, July 9, we’re kicking #SaveSCOTUS into high gear. (If you’re behind on the latest SCOTUS news, catch up on our 2-step strategy plan to win the Supreme Court fight). We’re calling for a week of action at district offices to show our Senators that they must protect our democracy -- our choice, our affordable health care, our rights -- and #SaveSCOTUS.
We’re proud to team up with MoveOn, Demand Justice, NARAL Pro-Choice America, People For the American Way, Daily Kos, CAP Action, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, National Women’s Law Center, and many more allied organizations for this week of action. (Read about it in Politicohere!)
This is the fight of our lifetime. This is the moment you’ll look back on and think, “Was there something -- anything -- else I could have done to stop a horrible nomination from going through?” None of us can do this alone, and this is our chance to go all in.
Alright. Here’s how we #SaveSCOTUS.
  • Get informed. We’ve got brand new resources together for you, and they all live on our new, one-stop shop for all things #SaveSCOTUS. Visit for the latest information, state of play, and any resource you could possibly need for the week of action. 
  • Plan district office visit to meet with your Senators. We’ve put together a handy #SaveSCOTUS toolkit where you can learn how to plan a visit to your Senator’s district office. There are also great ideas for props, promoting your event, and getting local press attention (that last part is key!). Check out our map see if there’s an event near you. 

    If there isn’t an event near you, find some friends, hold a planning meeting, choose a date and time for your district office visit, and then make sure to register your event so that others can join! When you register events to the map, you will get a list of RSVPs, and we’ll also help promote all of your events to people in your area.
  • Show up! And when it’s time to show up, bring your best costumes, props, and gather as many people as you can! Be sure to Tweet and update your followers on Facebook. Tag us at @IndivisibleTeam on Twitter so we can retweet you!
This fight won’t be easy, but the things that are worth fighting for --
✔️voting rights
✔️women’s reproductive health
✔️immigrant and refugee rights
✔️LGBTQ rights
✔️equal opportunity
-- are never easy. We need the collective power of you, Indivisibles, and our friends in this movement to #SaveSCOTUS from the grips of tyranny.
- Indivisible Team

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