Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Call Your Senators now: Oppose the Dirty Energy Bill!

Mitch McConnell's gift to the fossil fuel industry 

In the midst of a messy healthcare fight, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to ram a disastrous energy bill through the Senate — which he intends to then sell as a bipartisan win for Trump and the GOP.

The bill, the Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017 (S.1460), would put fossil fuel expansion on a fast track, locking in decades of dirty energy and undermining the clean energy transition we need. The bill takes us in exactly the wrong direction at a time when we must urgently transition to the low-carbon economy.

Call your Senators TODAY and tell them to oppose this dirty energy bill!

This bill would speed up approval for fracked gas exports (leading to more fracking here in the U.S.) and give the Trump administration broad authority to quickly approve new pipelines. Mitch McConnell is trying to bypass Senate procedures to sneak this bill through the Senate.

Expediting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure undermines what the American people want and need — action on climate change and the creation of good jobs in the sustainable energy sector. Passing this bill would be a giveaway to the oil, gas, and coal industries — and a blatant act of climate change denial.

Big Oil lobbyists are pushing hard to pass this dirty energy bill — so we have to push just as hard to stop it by flooding Senate offices with calls. We need climate champions in the Senate to stand up and show a strong resistance.

Instructions: Use the script and phone numbers provided to call both of your Senators. If you aren't getting through, choose your local office number from the drop down.

Sen. John McCain : (202) 224-2235
Local Offices
Phoenix, AZ: tel: 602-952-2410 fax: 855-952-8702
Tucson, AZ: tel: 520-670-6334 fax: 520-670-6637

Sen. Jeff Flake : (202) 224-4521
Local Offices
Phoenix, AZ: tel: 602-840-1891 fax: 602-840-4092
Tucson, AZ: tel: 520-575-8633 fax: 520-797-3232

Recommended script:

Hello,  this is ___________ from Tucson, AZ. As a constituent, I urge the Senator to oppose Senate Bill 1460, the Dirty Energy Bill that would keep us addicted to fossil fuels. 

The science is clear: we can't keep burning fossil fuels if we want a livable planet. We need you to invest in a clean, renewable energy future, not fossil fuel industry profits.

- ClimateTruth.org Action team

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  1. Reached a person at Sen. Flake's Tucson office this morning!