Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Massive Net Neutrality Day of Action TODAY. Protect free access to all content on the web!

our browsing access is already being prohibited 

Did you get a notice like this from Cox? Our browser access is already being limited. That is taking away our freedom of speech. We won't be able to share as many videos!

Trump's head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai, is poised to destroy net neutrality! Let's stop him.

Net neutrality means that content on the internet is given the same treatment by those who provide internet services...these internet service providers (ISPs) can't slow down your browsing on certain pages or block websites or charge sites fees to reach an audience. It means that we all have access to the same internet no matter what we pay.

With all of our online activism, we will go over allotted data use. 

Today is a massive Net Neutrality Day of Action -- please help protect net neutrality by adding your name to tell the FCC and Congress that you strongly support net neutrality

When Ajit Pai was put in charge of the FCC, big telecom companies got what they had wanted for years -- someone who would help them end net neutrality, which prevents them from boosting their profits. But if net neutrality is gone, they can line their pockets even more with money made from extra fees.

They may have a lot of money, but our voices matter in this fight. So far we have been able to beat back attempts to gut net neutrality because internet users have banded together and fought to save the free and open internet.

So far millions of people have spoken out against the FCC's plan to kill net neutrality, and on our day of action today we can engage millions more.

Please add your name and demand that the FCC and your elected officials protect net neutrality!

- Katie O'Connell, People for the American Way

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