Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Reaching Flake

I got a message from a facebook friend announcing that Flake's mail box is full. Argh! Why doesn't he empty it!  I know it can be like hitting a brick wall. But we have got to do our best to get through to him. This is just too important to give up without a good fight. 22 million Americans will be thrown off of their healthcare and the rest of us will pay more and get less coverage. Especially the elderly and women! Low income seniors will have to pay 5 times what a younger American pays. (Right now it is topped at 3 times.) To make matters worse, they are cutting medicaid that helps pay for nursing homes and home healthcare! They are cutting services for women such as maternity care coverage and birth control. This bill is just cruel! We can't let them sneak it by under the radar!

This is what I told that facebook friend:  Yes, I have left messages with his assistants. And there have been times that his Washington mail box is full. Then I call his local offices (I'll leave the numbers below.) There are many ways to contact him - through his website, fax, and better yet snail mail. Also, you might go in and speak to him in person and tell him how this bill affects your personally.

With the conservative press making us out to be irate and violent, it's important to be polite and civil when speaking with our representatives. I believe Senator Flake will be more receptive if we express understanding on the challenges he faces - rather than attacking him. This "them against us" attitude is getting us nowhere.

Keep up the good fight! At least we can say we did everything we could!

Washington, D.C. Office
Senate Russell Office Building 413
Washington, D.C. 20510
P: 202-224-4521
F: 202-228-0515

Phoenix Office
2200 East Camelback Road
Suite 120
Phoenix, AZ 85016
P: 602-840-1891
F: 602-840-4092

Tucson Office
6840 North Oracle Road
Suite 150
Tucson, AZ 85704
P: 520-575-8633
F: 520-797-3232

For those of  you more technically savvy than me, try Resistbot

You text to it, and it even does voice recognition. It automatically faxes the letter it generates to our Representatives. It takes less than 1 minute to generate letters for all three representatives, and then it gets faxed.

More information on the Republican healthcare bill. 

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