Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Republican plan unfolds

President Donald J. Trump kicks off "Made in America" week with this speech, "You're gonna see a lot of things happening over the next few months. You know, statutorily and through a lot of different legal..through the legal process... You're not allowed to do it....We're also gonna get rid of a lot of that process for the future."

I have been following as the Republican Party's plan unfolds. Our members of Congress are taking steps and passing bills to allow Trump to break the regulations we have that protect: our public lands and waterways, our health, and the American worker. They are already setting in motion a plan to take away our basic American rights such as: a free internet, a freedom of the press, freedom of speech, innocent until proven guilty, and separation of church and state. They are dismantling any programs that help working Americans or the less fortunate.

What we will be seeing is more privatizing of our infrastructural. Our roads and bridges will all have indefinite tolls. Imagine greedy corporations like Nestle doling out our water! He is currently giving them free reign to mine, drill or frack on our public lands - even our beloved national parks and monuments! That is a giveaway to the richest people in the world. But that's not enough. Trump is giving them trillions of dollars in tax cuts. A handful of rich families will own everything! And his family will be one of them. They already own most of our representatives. With even more money, they will own everything. They will own US.

Everything I've written is based on what is happening daily in the Trump administration and in Congress. If you don't believe me, please, follow them yourself (while we still can!) We have got to stay diligent and not let the rich own our nation and take away the freedoms we cherish as Americans.

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