Friday, July 21, 2017

Email senators today to say: Reject the dirty energy bill S. 1460!

A bubble of methane forced its way up from beneath the ocean floor causing oil rig explosion in Gulf of Mexico

The U.S. Senate is poised to make this hot, dirty summer even worse. As fossil-fueled heat waves bring wildfires, drought, and killer storms to the nation, Donald Trump continues to stack his administration with fossil-fuel lobbyists and climate change deniers. Now our allies on Capitol Hill warn us that Mitch McConnell will try to pass a pro-fracking, pro-drilling, pro-coal energy bill next week to give Trump and the Kochs a much-needed victory.

Please, email your senators today to say: Reject the dirty energy bill S. 1460!

The Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017, authored by Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Democrat Maria Cantwell of Washington, would greatly expand fracking and natural gas infrastructure when we need to be moving at full speed to 100% renewable energy for 100% of the people. The Senate has bypassed committee hearings to avoid public scrutiny — just as they’ve been doing with the failed attempts to kill Obamacare.
This bill would:
  • Expedite review of fracked gas export terminals, requiring a decision on such proposals within just 45 days of an environmental review. This will encourage more fracking, and create front-line sacrifice zones for the sake of overseas gas export and profit.
  • Make the pro-industry Federal Energy Regulatory Commission the lead decision maker in authorizing all new interstate fracked gas infrastructure projects.
  • Instruct the Bureau of Land Management to create a pilot program for expediting drilling and fracking permits.
  • Authorize the discovery, development and extraction of methane hydrate deposits in U.S. coastal waters.
  • Authorize $3 billion in “clean coal” subsidies for the coal industry.
On top of that, the "Renewables" section of the bill doesn't even mention solar or wind energy!

So far, not a single Democrat has come out against this frackers’ dream. For some reason, too many Senate Democrats still think they can be climate champions by compromising with Trump and with the laws of physics.
Only the intervention of impassioned and informed citizens can slow down this carbon catastrophe. We’ve teamed up with DailyKos on a tool that allows you to write a personalized letter directly to your Senators. These personal letters are an important way to show our members of Congress we are watching these critical votes and urging them to do the right thing.

Whether your senators are Democrats or Republicans, it’s important to contact them so they know that the American people will hold them accountable.

- Climate Hawks

350+ Groups Oppose Dirty Senate Energy Bill that Would Promote Fossil Fuels, Pollute Air and Water, and Hasten Climate Chaos

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