Sunday, July 9, 2017

Urge Senators to oppose Senate Bill 1460, the Dirty Energy Bill that would keep us addicted to dirty fossil fuels

The latest on Mitch McConnell's dirty attempt to sacrifice the future of our planet for fossil fuel industry profits: We're hearing that the dirty energy bill could move straight to the Senate floor THIS WEEK.

Right before the July 4 holiday, Mitch McConnell used a rare procedural move to skip committee hearings and bring a disastrous dirty energy bill straight to the Senate floor. This bill would massively expand fossil fuel industry handouts and spell disaster for people and our planet by speeding up approval for fracked gas exports (leading to more fracking here in the U.S.) and giving the Trump administration broad authority to quickly approve new pipelines.Republicans are frantically trying to push this bill forward, as their bill to take millions of people’s healthcare away is stalling. 

We're mobilizing quickly to get the 41 votes we need to stop this bill in the Senate: 

— We're showing Trump, McConnell, and the whole Senate that we’re paying attention. So far, Food & Water Action supporters have sent over 28,000 messages and made over 600 calls to Senators to oppose this bill.

— We're rallying allies. On Monday, we’ll be delivering a sign-on letter in DC with 300+ grassroots groups opposing the Trump-McConnell Dirty Energy Bill. Many allies are also directly lobbying their members too.

— We're targeting key Senators, including organizing a rally outside Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's office in New York City on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, here are three things you can NOW do to stop this:

1. Call your Senator at 866-583-2908 and tell them:

"As a constituent, I urge my Senator to oppose Senate Bill 1460, the Dirty Energy Bill that would keep us addicted to dirty fossil fuels."

— Call the number again to reach your state's other Senator.

2. Send your Senator a message. It’s easy, take action here.

3. Amplify your impact, join our call team and ask others to call their senators.

— We need your help to get thousands of calls into key senators’ offices next week. We’ll be calling Food & Water Watch/Food & Water Action members and connecting them directly to their senator’s office. These calls are easy and incredibly important!

- Mark Schlosberg, Food & Water Watch

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