Monday, July 10, 2017

Let's flood the phone lines of key senators to stop their "mean" healthcare bill

Right now, Senate Republicans are trying to sway their conservative members into passing Trumpcare with a provision to allow insurers to sell junk plans that don't even cover major expenses like childbirth and surgery. Reports say this deal could garner enough votes to pass repeal.1
The lives of 22 million people are at risk, and premiums under Trumpcare will rise an average of 20 percent by next year. Yet a poll this week showed 40% don't actually know either fact!2 The number of people who understand the bill could mean the difference between saving and dismantling affordable health care for literally millions.
To stop this disaster of a bill, we need to make sure everyone knows just how bad Trumpcare is, so they'll be inspired to join us and flood the phone lines of key senators. That's why we made this graphic--can you take a moment to share it?


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