Saturday, June 24, 2017

Communicating with the other side

I just got a message from a conservative friend who doesn't feel safe to express her point of view on facebook. She has been insulted and called names. I know that tensions are high, but it doesn't serve our purpose to be insulting or condescending. How does it help if they think we are irrational at best, or evil at worse. I feel that it's important to have an open conversation. We can only begin to come together through understanding. So I have decided to create a safe place on my own facebook page. I have even deleted comments from friends that are mean or insulting. Constructive, civil communication is the first step in finding our commonality as Americans and to show we are in the same tribe.

Here's a couple of helpful hints if you want any chance at communicating with people:   1) Don't insult them. 2) Don't use profanity. 3) Remember communication is a two way street. Don't bombard them with a bunch of facts. Listen to their point of view too. 4) Don't make a generalization about them or assume that you know how they think or feel because they are a member of a particular group or party.  We are all individuals. Ask them how they feel. Listen to their answer. 5) Appeal to them on a human level. Listen with your heart and try to understand where they are coming from. 6) Remember, they may be scared too.  It is more powerful to care about them as an individual, than it is to be right.  

Basically, treat them as you would like to be treated . If nothing else, you may end up with a friend.

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