Thursday, June 22, 2017

Joyful moment dampened by news of the Republican healthcare plan

This should be a lovely day for me. Looking forward to our first mesquite flour milling this afternoon. And 345 people just saw our blog about harvesting that mesquite. After carefully tending our struggling little moringa tree - that I planted for future generations - it is finally spouting some leaves. But I won't be blogging about the joy of making things grow or drought tolerant, edible trees. Instead I'm blogging about the devastating healthcare bill that the Republican senate just proposed.

Trump said the healthcare bill that the Republican house passed was "mean," and I hear this one is worse. They are paying for tax cuts to the rich with human lives! Senator Elizabeth Warren called it "blood money."  They are proposing devastating cuts to medicaid. Medicaid pays for nursing homes for the elderly and home healthcare for the handicapped and elderly. What do they want us to do with our parents and grandparents?! How can Republicans claim that they are for "pro-life" when they want to cut coverage for maternity care and even caring for premature babies! This bill will negatively affect the quality of life for average Americans. 

Please, take a moment contact your senators now and tell them to reject this ruthless bill. I just did.

Sen. John McCain : (202) 224-2235
Local Offices
Phoenix, AZ: tel: 602-952-2410 fax: 855-952-8702
Prescott, AZ: tel: 928-445-0833 fax: 928-445-8594
Tucson, AZ: tel: 520-670-6334 fax: 520-670-6637

Sen. Jeff Flake : (202) 224-4521
Local Offices
Phoenix, AZ: tel: 602-840-1891 fax: 602-840-4092
Tucson, AZ: tel: 520-575-8633 fax: 520-797-3232

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