Friday, June 16, 2017

Call the White House comment line today and demand an environmental review of the leaky Dakota Access Pipeline.

Huge news! A judge ruled against the Trump administration and ordered them to conduct a broader environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline!

This is a big moment in a long fight by the Standing Rock Sioux to protect the river that provides their drinking water. Prior to leaving office, President Obama ordered construction on the pipeline to stop while a thorough environmental review was conducted. Days after his inauguration, Donald Trump cut the public comment period short, ignored the voices of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and credited himself with "[having] the guts to approve the final leg [of DAPL]." Fortunately, it's clear that this fight is far from over, and we're not backing down. 

Citizens' support for the Standing Rock Sioux has been a key part of this fight. Now we need to show the Water Protectors that we still have their backs. Donald Trump recently said again that he still hasn't gotten any calls opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline, but we know he's wrong. Call the White House comment line today and tell them that Trump must listen to the Standing Rock Sioux, do the right thing, and shut down the pipeline. 

Making a call is easy, just follow these simple steps:
  1. Call 1-202-816-6137.
    You'll hear an introductory message that will provide you with more information, and then you'll be connected with the White House comment line.

  2. Use this sample script or speak from the heart:
    "Hi. I'm calling to ask President Trump and the Army Corps of Engineers to listen to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and do the right thing by shutting down this pipeline.The Dakota Access Pipeline has already had several spills in just a few weeks and jeopardizes the health and safety of the Tribe. The Army Corps must conduct a thorough environmental review this time and put a stop to this dangerous pipeline. Thanks."

  3. After you make the call, prove Trump wrong and send him a tweet to let him know you called. Include a photo of yourself on the phone if you feel comfortable. Here's a sample tweet:
    Hey @realDonaldTrump! It's time for a new enviro review of Dakota Access. Listen to tribes this time! #NoDAPL
Last year, 15,000 people -- including veterans and hundreds of Tribes from around the world -- traveled to North Dakota to peacefully support the Standing Rock Sioux and oppose this dangerous pipeline. Their prayers and songs were met by a militarized police force using dogs, water cannons, rubber bullets, pepper spray, concussion grenades, and other tactics designed to intimidate, dehumanize, and invoke fear.

There's no question that a fair and comprehensive environmental review would show that this pipeline threatens the safety of every community it cuts through, including the ancestral lands of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. We must hold the Trump administration accountable for putting corporate profits over the rights and safety of Native peoples. Make a call to 1-202-816-6137 now.

- Lena Moffitt,  Our Wild America Campaign

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