Wednesday, June 21, 2017

With the Republican assault on the enviroment, we will all be needing good healthcare.

Yesterday, a friend-of-a-friend commented that he didn't have healthcare and didn't need it - so why should he pay for healthcare for everyone else? Providing affordable healthcare for the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions (like being a human being!) is not only compassionate, but it is self-serving. Eventually we will all need that care.

Congress recently passed a law allowing corporations to dump toxic waste in our waterways. Trump's rallying call is Frack! Frack! Frack! Drill, baby, drill. All that toxic waste and smoke will go into our water and air. I believe there will be an unprecedented increase in people with cancer. It could be any of us! With the Republican healthcare bill, millions will suffer and die unnecessarily.

Please, call your members of Congress today and tell them to vote NO on any bill that takes healthcare away from those with pre-existing conditions, children, or the elderly. If you have a personal story about cancer, share it.

Sen. John McCain : (202) 224-2235
Local Offices
Phoenix, AZ: tel: 602-952-2410 fax: 855-952-8702
Prescott, AZ: tel: 928-445-0833 fax: 928-445-8594
Tucson, AZ: tel: 520-670-6334 fax: 520-670-6637

Sen. Jeff Flake : (202) 224-4521
Local Offices
Phoenix, AZ: tel: 602-840-1891 fax: 602-840-4092
Tucson, AZ: tel: 520-575-8633 fax: 520-797-3232

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