Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Call your members of Congress NOW and tell them to vote "No" on this disastrous tax plan.

Paul Ryan just gave a passionate call to cut taxes of on the wealthy and corporations. I watched his press conference and left these responses. 

Easy tax forms would be GREAT. But that doesn't mean not taxing corporations and the richest people the planet has ever known. How do you think they got that way? They don't pay their workers a living wage and they don't pay their taxes .

Our country will never recover from the trillion dollar tax cut they are giving to the rich. That is part of their plan. Then they can sell off our services to their rich friends. They will privatize our highways and bridges - so we will pay for them twice (with the incentives to the banks and continuing tolls.) How do you think Ryan got as rich as he is? He is working for them, not us.

In the fifties corporations and the rich paid more taxes and our economy thrived. That is also true of the states that tax the rich more. The rich don't want to pay anything. They get subsidies and they use up our resources and they use our services - but they don't want to pay for that. Why do you think our infrastructure (which they use for their businesses) is crumbing. They take out, they don't put enough in. And now they want to be taxed even less!

Repealing the estate tax will only benefit the richest families in America. They will not invest that money in the economy. They aren't now. They are hording it and buying our politicians with it. Less than one percent of the population has more money than 90% of Americans combined. This tax plan will just increase that divide.

In order to give these tax cuts to the rich, Trump's budget cuts important services and healthcare for the American people. Working Americans will continue to pay taxes, and not get the services we need.

Please call your members of Congress NOW and tell them to vote "No" on this disastrous tax plan.

Sen. John McCain : (202) 224-2235
Local Offices
Phoenix, AZ: tel: 602-952-2410 fax: 855-952-8702
Prescott, AZ: tel: 928-445-0833 fax: 928-445-8594
Tucson, AZ: tel: 520-670-6334 fax: 520-670-6637

Sen. Jeff Flake : (202) 224-4521
Local Offices
Phoenix, AZ: tel: 602-840-1891 fax: 602-840-4092
Tucson, AZ: tel: 520-575-8633 fax: 520-797-3232

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  1. Beautifully well said, Jana. I included some of your verbage in my messages to them.