Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Send a message to Pepsi, Disney, and Gap that if they are serious about climate action they must drop the Chamber of Commerce!

Last week, Donald Trump backed out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
As Trump turned his back on future generations, he justified his decision by citing a garbage study funded by the notoriously anti-environment U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 1
The Chamber is able to fund climate denial in part because companies like Pepsi, Disney, and Gap give it financial support. They fund the Chamber despite their public stances in favor of the Paris Climate Agreement and climate action.
It is time for these companies to put their money where they claim their values are. After Trump's announcement, Disney CEO Bob Iger resigned from Donald Trump's business advisory council2, Gap made a commitment to continue to act on climate3, and Pepsi said it was disappointed with the president's announcement.4
These are all important steps, but they are not enough. It's clear that the Chamber is a danger to our clean air, clean water, and now in the face of Trump's announcement, to America's leadership role on climate action.
Let's make sure Pepsi, Disney, and Gap know that consumers say actions speak louder than words.
In a troubling time when we can't even count on the EPA administrator to stand up for America's global environmental commitments, it's up to consumers like you to put pressure on those that can act.

Pepsi, Disney and Gap have taken some steps on climate action and your voice can push them even further. 

This is your chance to support the Paris Climate Agreement, the future of clean air, clean water, and public health -- don't wait.
- The SierraRise team

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