Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Don’t let corporations kill endangered whales: sign petition to stop seismic airgun blasting right now!

There are only a few hundred North Atlantic right whales alive today.

They live right off our east coast in the Atlantic Ocean, from Florida all the way up into the Gulf of Maine — right in the way of fossil fuel corporations’ oil rigs and billion-dollar profits.

Fossil fuel companies and our federal government want to bring offshore oil drilling to a coastline near you. In fact, President Trump already signed an executive order to expand offshore drilling off our nation’s coastlines, and seismic blasting could start as soon as this fall!

And with drilling comes the seismic airgun blasting used to find oil deposits beneath the ocean floor. These blasts are so ear-splittingly loud, they can be heard from 2,500 miles away — that’s about the distance from New York to L.A. — and the damage to the marine ecosystem will extend far beyond the Mid and South Atlantic region, as affected species of whales, sea turtles, and fish migrate throughout the Atlantic Ocean.

Sign our petition demanding that Congress protect the North Atlantic right whale, not billion-dollar oil corporations’ profits.

Experts on the North Atlantic right whale warn that oil corporations’ seismic blasting may be the “tipping point” that wipes one of the most endangered species on the planet out of existence.1 As you’ve likely heard by now, we’re sending the historic ship, Arctic Sunrise, up the Atlantic Coast on a tour of the right whale's habitat, where it will amplify the voices of coastal communities that are calling on us all to help them hold the line against fossil fuel corporations — and the climate science-denying politicians who support them. 

Please sign our petition to stop seismic airgun blasting right now!

If the hundreds of thousands of Greenpeace activists stand together, we can send Congress the message that we care about our oceans, coastal communities, and vulnerable species — not fossil fuel corporations and their obscene profits!

Sarah Rasmussen
Digital Director, Greenpeace USA

[1] https://nicholas.duke.edu/about/news/letter-to-obama-seismic-effects-whales

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