Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Rep. McSally Sponsoring Legislation to Exempt Border Patrol from freedom of information requests

Dylan Smith with the Tucson Sentinel has alerted us to a real legislative treat. Rep. Martha McSally is the co-sponsor of proposed legislation that would (among other really terrible things) EXEMPT Border Patrol from Freedom of Information requests.

A FOIA request is the foundation for transparency in government, and is one of the main pillars which make us, the American people, the "boss" of our government and not the other way around. This transparency keeps our politicians and government workers more honest, as they know that their actions can be released to the press or private citizen at any time.

The hearing for this bill is TOMORROW, and the bill is at a stage where McSally has considerable influence, as she is a cosponsor and it is in her committee. Please call, fax, email, tweet, send carrier pigeons or send smoke signals to McSally to say NO on HR 3548.

This link to the article will give you more information:


McSally Tucson phone number: (520) 881-3588
McSally DC office: (202) 225-0378

If you are in O'Halleran's district, consider calling him to say that if this bill hits the floor for a vote, to please vote NO! O'Halleran's Tucson office: (928) 304-0131


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