Monday, October 23, 2017

Sign our petition and urge Secretary Zinke not to delay the Bureau of Land Management's Natural Gas Waste Rule

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is trying to give corporate polluters a free pass to dump millions of tons of pollution into the air and waste hundreds of millions of dollars worth of American energy resources by suspending rules to limit methane waste. We will pay for this recklessness with our health, not to mention our pocketbooks.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently finalized natural gas protections aimed at putting an end to wasteful leaks, venting and flaring of natural gas and dangerous pollutants on federal and tribal lands.

This wasted natural gas harms the health of local communities and, since methane is a potent heat-trapping gas, contributes to climate change.

Now, Secretary Zinke is attempting to stall these vital standards for two years. We deserve better – we cannot let the Trump administration sell out the health of local communities and greenlight the loss of revenue needed to fund our schools, local infrastructure, and more.

ACT NOW: Don’t let Secretary Zinke give into pressure from corporate polluters

When companies extract oil and natural gas from public lands, they pay royalties on our behalf. Inefficient practices that allow leaking of natural gas waste American energy and add up to hundreds of millions of dollars in lost taxpayer revenue every year. That’s why these protections are cost-effective, common sense, and keep our communities healthier.

Make no mistake: if Zinke is allowed to stall these standards, he’s letting corporate polluters off the hook, and American taxpayers will pay the price. We cannot allow this to happen – our communities and our health depend on it.

ACT NOW: Tell Secretary Zinke that he needs to put our health first

For our own health and to ensure a healthy future for our children, we must hold Secretary Zinke accountable.

- Todd Larsen
Green America

Sign our petition and urge Secretary Zinke not to delay the BLM Natural Gas Waste Rule. For the health of our nation, we cannot afford to go backward.

Secretary Zinke,

The U.S. has taken important strides to address dangerous methane pollution, and we can’t afford to go backward. Leaking, venting, and flaring from natural gas facilities wastes hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer owned natural resources and puts our families at considerable health risk.

Strong protections on methane and toxic pollution from oil and gas production are a win-win, keeping us safer and providing needed revenue that benefits our local schools and infrastructure like roads and bridges. Suspending the BLM methane waste rule means wasting American energy and is unacceptable. If you care about families like mine, I urge you not to suspend natural gas waste limits.

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