Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Take action: Urge your congress member to cosponsor the Open Our Democracy Act.

Washington is a mess. And you and I both know that closed primaries and partisan gerrymandering are only making the problem worse.

Congressman John Delaney just reintroduced the Open Our Democracy Act, which would implement open primaries and end gerrymandering for congressional races. It would also make Election Day a federal holiday.

Of course, this bill will need the people behind it in order to advance. That’s where we come in...

Imagine that: John Delaney is standing up to the entire Washington establishment and saying “enough is enough.” No more closed primaries. No more gerrymandered districts where the parties can control the outcome to their advantage. It’s time to empower the voters.

We need to support Congressman Delaney as he goes to bat on this crucial piece of legislation. We know the parties won’t want to pass it. We know the rest of Congress won’t want to pass it. That’s why they need to hear from YOU.

Click here to urge your congress member to cosponsor the Open Our Democracy Act.

Partisan gerrymandering creates uncompetitive districts where races are determined in the primary. You know that closed primaries allow just a handful of hyper-partisan voters to select who represents everyone, far too often. And you know that the effects of gerrymandering and closed primaries go far past Election Day.

The problem is so bad that the Harvard Business Report just released a report where they said that, “the current partisan primary system is perhaps the single most powerful obstacle to achieving outcomes for the common good.” That’s a powerful statement.

Let’s pressure Congress to give the Open Our Democracy Act a hearing. Click here to send your congress member a letter requesting them to cosponsor this crucial bill.

When you’re done, please, share this page with your network.

- Jesse Shayne
Open Primaries

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