Monday, October 9, 2017

Tell Congress to pass Medicare For All

It's time to treat health care as a human right, not a luxury for the healthy and the wealthy.

Right now, Republicans are taking actions to sabotage our health care system. And we're fighting back. But we can do better - we need a simple, seamless, affordable health care system that provides peace of mind instead of stress and anxiety.

We need Medicare for All.

Medicare already covers 40 million Americans over the age of 65, providing high quality care at a cost that is much lower than private health insurance. We need to make this effective and efficient health care program available to every American from birth.

Add your name to make health care simpler and affordable for all Americans!

Petition sponsored by: 


Jeff MerkleyU.S. Senator from Oregon 


Earl BlumenauerU.S. Representative from Oregon 

Nanette BarragánU.S. Representative from California 

Peter DeFazioU.S. Representative from Oregon 

Ruben GallegoU.S. Representative from Arizona 

Jim McGovernU.S. Representative from Massachusetts 

Rick NolanU.S. Representative from Minnesota 

Xavier BecerraAttorney General of California 

Paul KerrCandidate for Congress from California 

Harley RoudaCandidate for Congress from California 

Cathy GlassonCandidate for Governor of Iowa 

Betsy SweetCandidate for Governor of Maine 

Daily Kos 

Progressive Change Campaign Committeee 

Red to Blue California 

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