Sunday, October 1, 2017

Send a message to Scott Pruitt: Time to combat Climate Change head on

Americans are facing the climate crisis like never before. We have never before witnessed a deluge of rain like Harvey, or a North Atlantic hurricane with winds as strong as Irma. This is not normal.

Hurricanes feed on warm ocean temperatures, leading to supercharged storms that leave nothing but destruction in their wake. Yet as Americans face unimaginable suffering—tragic loss of life, homes flooded out, families evacuated and forced into shelters, entire lives turned upside down by these storms—EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is playing politics, disrespecting their struggle during an interview with CNN by refusing to recognize the clear role the climate crisis is playing, downplaying the conversation as “insensitive.”

Take action today, and tell Administrator Pruitt: What’s “insensitive” is putting American lives at risk through denial and delay. It’s time for the climate conversation—and it’s time for climate action.

- EDF Environmental Defense Fund

Recipient: Administrator E. Scott 'Scott' Pruitt

Message: We need to talk about climate change now more than ever.

Dear Administrator Pruitt,

I am writing today out of deep concern. Your comments on CNN that discussions connecting Hurricane Irma's impending destruction and the climate crisis are "insensitive" are, to me, deeply disturbing. 

We should absolutely be focusing on helping Harvey and Irma's victims, ensuring they have access to clean water and protecting them from the dangers associated with superfund sites. However, while we take action, we also need to state firmly and clearly that climate change--and the warming ocean waters it creates--are fueling these storms and devastating Americans. 

If we do not recognize the danger, call it by name, and begin making plans for action, more Americans will lose their loved ones, their homes, and even their lives to these deadly storms. Both today's victims of extreme weather, and victims for generations to come, deserve better. 

Rather than ignoring the problem or putting the conversation off, please address the climate crisis head-on, and state clearly and without question that it is fueling these catastrophic weather events. 

[Your Name]

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