Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hold Rep. McSally to her word. Call now to tell her to support a clean DREAM ACT.

DACA recipients deserve better. They deserve representatives who follow through on the promises our country made to them. They deserve more than being unfairly held in limbo as part of a backroom deal to build a wall, or cut legal immigration.

We're still waiting for Rep. Martha McSally to deliver -- and we know exactly how she can:

She can refuse the outrageous immigration demands the White House just released. She can refuse to use DACA recipients as a bargaining chip to pass bad policies that put the rest of the immigrant community in danger.

She can help bring a clean version of the DREAM Act -- the only solution that gives permanent protection to these young people, along with a real path to citizenship -- to the House floor for a vote, without delay.

The deadline to submit DACA renewal applications has passed, leaving the futures of hundreds of thousands of young people up in the air. Just weeks ago, Rep. McSally made a promise to protect DACA recipients:
The administration has ended DACA--ripping away hope for the program's nearly one million recipients.

It's time for her to lead the way.

These young people deserve a clean DREAM Act. Call now and make sure Rep. McSally knows it:

Make the call

-Saumya Narechania
Organizing for Action

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