Friday, November 17, 2017

Ask your mayor to read the new report and show their support for 100% clean, renewable energy now!

During this time of federal inaction, cities are at the forefront of progress. 

As the world gathers in Bonn, Germany for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, cities and mayors across the United States are reaffirming their commitments to move away from dirty fuels and to repower their communities with 100% clean, renewable energy -- like wind and solar.

Sierra Club's Ready For 100 Campaign released a new report showcasing ten of the 49 U.S. cities that are committed to building a 100% clean and renewable energy future that works for all of us. 

From Atlanta, Georgia to Pueblo, Colorado, these communities recognize that 100% clean energy means lower energy costs, more good-paying jobs, cleaner air and water and affordable energy for all! Today, these cities are paving the way to 100% clean energy by taking steps to realize this vision.

If you’re ready for your city to support a just transition to 100% clean, renewable energy -- Share this report with your mayor and ask them to show their support for 100% clean and renewable energy for all, by:
  • Reading the 2017 Case Studies Report, here: 
  • Sharing the 2017 Case Studies Report on social media.
  • Joining Mayors For 100% Clean Energy! Learn more:
  • And calling on other mayors to join them in supporting a vision of 100% clean, renewable energy!

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