Sunday, November 19, 2017

The GOP sneaks bad bills that the public fought into their tax reform bill

Will the GOP tax plan bring back jobs? 
The GOP has found a way to sneak the bad bills that the public fought into their tax reform bill - all under the guise of giving us a tax cut. This includes allowing drilling in our Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, cutting the EV tax credit that makes clean vehicles affordable, limiting the ability of clean energy developers to use solar and wind tax credits (while fossil fuel companies still get theirs), cutting tax deductions for student loan interest, and not just dismantling Obamacare, but defunding Medicare and Medicaid!

The truth is that this tax plan will benefit big corporations and billionaires at the expense of the working class. After this irresponsible tax cut raises the deficit by $1.7 trillion, the GOP will use that as an excuse to cut even more vital services for the American people.

And for what? The taxes for the poorest Americans will actually go up. Married couples making less than $19,050 will pay 2% more. The taxes for the lower and middle class will increase steadily after 5 years. But the tax cuts for the wealthiest people the planet has ever known, will last FOREVER.

The 1% already has 90% of the wealth in America. But that isn't enough for them. They have invested millions of dollars in bribing our politicians. The GOP tax bill is their big payoff.

This will increase wealth inequality and give them even more power over our government and the American people. And they have no intention of giving anything to the American people. Look at the cabinet that Trump nominated. His choice to head the Department of Labor was Carl's Jr. CEO Andy Puzder who fought raising the minimum wage and cheated managers out of overtime pay.

They say this tax bill will bring companies back. Then why does it include a provision allowing companies to deduct moving expenses for relocating abroad? This tax bill won't bring back companies until the GOP succeeds in making the US "competitive" - which is code for paying us slave wages and dismantling worker protections. For a temporary minimal tax cut, are we willing to give up the protections that our ancestors sacrificed for?

When they say "Make America Great Again" is that code for going back to a time when a privileged few benefited from slavery?

Don't believe your bought and sold Representatives. (Rep. McSally, I mean you.) Do your own research on how the average American will fare with the new tax code.

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