Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tell your Representative to vote NO on the SECURE American Energy Act - a giveaway to the fuel industry

Last week, a House committee approved a disturbing bill called the SECURE American Energy Act. It’s essentially a fossil fuel industry wish list rolled into a brand new package.

Your representative could vote on this giveaway to oil and gas corporations any day! Send a message to your Representative right now to tell them to vote NO on the SECURE Act. It’s time to protect our communities, coasts, climate, and marine life, not oil company profits.

If this bill becomes law, it will become easier and faster for corporations to pump oil out of millions of acres of protected public land and waters, and that’s just the start:

*Rules protecting marine mammals — like the critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whale — from seismic blasting and oil drilling will be weakened to the point of nonexistence.

*States will be given financial incentives to drill in sensitive ecosystems.

*Enforcement of federal fracking regulations would be prohibited.

This bill will make drilling easier, endanger communities and wildlife, and delay our transition to clean energy. Clearly, the only thing the SECURE Act secures is increased profits for oil executives. It will lock us into decades of reckless oil and gas development. The cost is just too high.

Please do your part by telling your Representative to vote NO on the SECURE act.

We can stop this bill from ever becoming law. The resistance has already stalled Trump’s legislative agenda and the SECURE Act is just plain outrageous. Your voice — combined with thousands of others — can ensure your Representative wants nothing to do with it.

-Mary Sweeters
Offshore Oil Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

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