Monday, November 27, 2017

Tell Senate Democrats not to bargain away EPA funding

Foam on the polluted Androscoggin River seen from North Bridge at Lewiston Textile Center, Maine 1973.
Trump, EPA Administrator Pruitt and Republicans in Congress don’t just want to ignore global warming—they are bound and determined to accelerate it.

The funding for our entire government is set to expire by December 8, the end of next week. Trump and the GOP see this as an opportunity to cut the Environmental Protection Agency by as much as 30 percent.

But they can’t slash the EPA budget unless Senate Democrats help them. 

Before the EPA
If Trump and Pruitt get their way, the carbon profiteers will be free to keep destroying our climate while the rest of us pay the price. And then they’ll pump those profits back into distorting and destroying our democracy—just this week, it was announced that the Time media empire is being sold to a group of investors backed by the Koch brothers.

If every Democrat votes the right way, the Senate can stop Trump and Pruitt from gutting our environmental protections. We need to send the message that our planet isn’t a bargaining chip. If every Senate Democrat stands together, they can still stop this attack on our environment and public health. But unless they know the public cares about this issue, our protections could be bargained away as part of a larger deal.

Add your name to this critical joint petition to protect our climate.

- Brad from Climate Hawks

Trump's fiscal 2018 budget would slash EPA spending by 30%, CNN

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