Thursday, November 2, 2017

Call Attorney General Mark Brnovich: tell him the state shouldn't interfere with Bisbee's ordinance banning plastic bags

I just read Arizona attorney general gives Bisbee 30 days to rescind plastic-bag law

PHOENIX — Saying state law trumps local control, Attorney General Mark Brnovich ruled Tuesday that a Bisbee ordinance banning plastic bags is illegal. -- TUCSON.COM (

Yumi from Tucson Revolution on facebook challenged me : State law trumps local control?! Illegal to ban plastic bags?! Frustrated?  Let our voice be heard. Call Mark Brnovich's office (602) 542-5025. VOTE OUT Attorney General BRNOVICH. #BrnovichBeholdenToKochsOil (Plastics are made from oil.) #BackwardsAZ

This makes me crazy. Actually, there was a whole pipeline built to deliver oil to Canada to make one use plastic to be sent back to the US!  I accepted Yumi's challenge and called Attorney General's office (I pressed 0 and the receptionist connected me to his office.) I told his secretary that I was appalled by this law, that it was going the wrong direction. That it was bad for tourism to have all those plastic bags lining our streets. 

Call Mark Brnovich's office (602) 542-5025

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