Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Call to save foreign aid before the House votes

The House is considering a set of amendments that would slash foreign assistance funding. Tell Rep. McSally to protect this lifesaving budget at 202-335-0509 

Congress is back – and hitting the ground running. 

This week, the House is debating a series of budget amendments that would slash funding for lifesaving development and humanitarian programs. 

We don't have a moment to lose. Our legislators need to know that we're watching, and we will hold them accountable. 

Let's welcome them back to work by greeting them with the sound of ringing phones – and make sure the first call that they receive today is yours. 

Call Rep. McSally right now at 202-335-0509, and urge them to oppose ANY amendments that would threaten America's foreign assistance funding. 

The Trump Administration has long pushed for devastating cuts to foreign aid, and our legislators are under pressure to fall in line. Ultimately, though, Congress has the final say on this funding. And they must answer to constituents like you. 

Month after month, you've spoken out because you know how high the stakes truly are: food aid for 20 million people currently facing famine... support for victims of gender-based violence... family planning and maternal health programs that save countless lives. 

Lifesaving programs like these are in jeopardy if these proposed amendments pass the House. 

Call 202-335-0509 now and tell Rep. McSally you're counting on them to vote against ANY amendment that would cut foreign assistance and put lives at risk.

- Rachael Leman, CARE Action!

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