Thursday, September 21, 2017

Who am I to speak out about Climate Change?

Speaking out at Rep. McSally's office 

Who am I to speak out about Climate Change? Science was never my best I had to work even harder to understand it. I spent the last three years doing research: reading peer reviewed articles on climate change from reputable journals like Science, looking up words I didn't know, watching documentaries, perusing NASA graphs and photographs, attending lectures with experts, environmentalists and scientists - people who know more than me. I asked questions until I understood. What I learned is that Climate Change is real. It is affected by human activity and is happening right NOW. There is a scientific consensus with 99% of scientists in agreement.

Why did I do all that? How could I not - with the possible survival of the human race at stake!? The least I could do was educate myself. But that is no longer enough. Our planet, OUR HOME, is being devastated by hurricanes, droughts and forest fires growing in frequency and severity due to Climate Change. It's time to step up. We are in an emergency situation. It's time to work together to combat Climate Change. We need to change our behavior (yes, make some lifestyle sacrifices) NOW before we make it worse. It's time to fight for a habitable planet: educate our neighbors and facebook friends, pressure our government officials to pass laws that protect the earth and to subsidize clean energy. Who am I to talk about Climate Change? A mother fighting tooth and nail to protect her home and family.

Just doing the best I can....

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