Friday, September 29, 2017

Use a one-click tool to tell Trump, McConnell, and Ryan you're not buying what they're selling on taxes.

Republican leaders emerged from a 5-hour closed-door meeting where they finalized their tax "plan," and now Trump is selling it to the nation.
No matter what Trump says, here's the truth:
The only people the Republicans are trying to help are the rich and massive corporations -- despite new polls showing that 65% of Americans think corporate tax rates are too low and 62% oppose tax cuts for the rich.
Here's what to expect from Trump's speech describing the tax plan:
  • Massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, disguised as "simplifying" the tax code
  • Tax giveaways to big corporations, camouflaged as "cutting taxes for small businesses" (the vast majority of which already pay the lowest-possible tax rate)
  • A tax hike for the lowest tax bracket (aka those who can afford an increase in taxes the LEAST)
Trump and his Republican cronies are being so blatantly dishonest about the true implications of their plan because they know how unpopular it is.
But that won't stop them from doing everything they can -- including spending hundreds of millions of dollars -- to rush it through Congress with as little public input as possible. (Seriously: One corporate lobbying group has already pledged $100 million to help make sure it passes.)
That's why we need to make sure they hear our voices loud and clear.
With funding for programs like Medicare and Medicaid on the line, we can't afford to lose this battle.
- The Tax March Team

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