Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Rep. McSally sided with polluters in a vote that would gut the EPA and cripple its ability to keep Arizona's families safe and healthy.

Rep. McSally announced "Fire in the hole" before gleefully blasting away

Representative Martha McSally sided with polluters in a vote that would gut the Environmental Protection Agency and cripple its ability to keep American families safe and healthy.

Now, we have to show our members of Congress that we are paying attention and we will hold them accountable. Tell your representative you won't stand to see polluters placed before people.

Your health—and the health of American families and children—should never be up for debate.

You can send an email through Rep. McSally's website here. 


Click HERE to send the following letter through EDF ACTION.

Dear Representative McSally,

I am deeply disappointed by your vote on HR 3354

Your vote on HR 3354 shows your willingness to side with polluters over the people that you represent. As a constituent of yours, I am deeply disappointed.

You voted for a bill that would strip the Environmental Protection Agency of critical funding that keeps American people safe and healthy and that would make it easier for polluters to contaminate our air and water without penalty.

Your job in Congress is to do what is best for your constituents. Instead, you have taken actions that could potentially make them sicker and less well-off.

I hope you will remember this next time you choose to side with polluters over people.

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