Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Call your representatives NOW. Trump announced the end of DACA - which will deport dreamers snatching them from the only home they have ever known.

I just called Rep. McSally's Office ( 881-3588 )

President Trump has decided to end DACA — the program that provides critical deportation protection and work authorization to 800,000 Dreamers in every state across the country — in the next six months.

Trump’s decision will have drastic and devastating consequences for our economy and our communities, if Congress does not act:

-An average of 1,400 Dreamers will be forced from their jobs every business day for the next two years.
-Every single Dreamer will be subject to deportation, often to countries they cannot even remember.
-And our economy will lose billions — $460.3 billion to be specific — over the next decade.

Ending DACA could break up families, cost businesses, and damage communities.

Please, take two minutes to call your rep now. Make sure you tell them you are from Tucson and give your Zip - so they know you are their constituent.

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