Friday, May 5, 2017

It's Only A Matter of Time Before Pipelines Crack, Leak, or Explode, Submit your comment to stop Keystone XL.

The KXL Pipeline Fight Is Not Over!  It's Only A Matter of Time Before Pipelines Crack, Leak, or Explode.

Sign to STOP the Keystone XL Pipeline!

After getting the okay from Trump, TransCanada, a private energy corporation, is moving forward with construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The construction of this dirty pipeline will disrupt indigenous lands, put key waterways at risk and keep us addicted to climate-changing fossil fuels, all for private profit.

Submit your public comment to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline!

In 2014, the Obama administration halted construction of the Keystone XL based on a risk assessment made by the U.S. State Department. Unfortunately, Trump recently undermined the findings of that assessment by reversing Obama's decision through an executive action.

The fight isn't over yet — while TransCanada may have the President's blessing, they still don't have all the permits needed in order to move forward with construction. The Nebraska Public Service Commission is currently accepting public comments to determine whether it's in the public's interest to provide a Nebraska permit for the construction of the Keystone XL. Without having all the permits they need, TransCanada cannot finish construction.

Tell the Nebraska Public Service Commission: oil pipelines are inherently dangerous and threaten our communities and drinking water with leaks and explosions.

In the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, indigenous water protectors maintained their peaceful resistance even as they faced violence at the hands of police.¹ Now, we have a chance to stand with Native communities as well as farmers and ranchers, who contend that the pipeline will provide mainly temporary jobs and limited tax revenues, to fight the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.² We must push back against big corporate interests and protect our drinking water.

At Food & Water Watch, we believe that everyone deserves access to clean drinking water. That's why we reject any new pipeline proposals and have campaigns across the country to ban fracking. We need to move OFF Fossil Fuels entirely and create a just transition to 100% renewable energy now.

While we undoubtedly have an uphill battle ahead of us with this new administration, from our victories in New York and recently in Maryland where we have banned fracking, we know that when we build power and organize against pipelines and other infrastructure projects at the state and local level, we can win.

Take action with Food & Water Action Fund to take a stand against the construcion of the Keystone XL Pipeline today. Thanks for taking action,

Luz Hernandez
Online Organizer
Food & Water Watch

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2. Last Stand: Nebraska farmers could derail the Keystone XL, Reuters, April 20, 2017

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