Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tell JPMorgan Chase to defund tar sands, one of the dirtiest forms of oil.

[Activists organized by Mazaska Talks and 350 Seattle shut down 12 JPMorgan Chase branches in Seattle to demand the defunding of the Keystone XL pipeline.]

Today, environmental activists showed up at the JPMorgan Chase shareholder meeting to send a message to the whole finance community: Stop Banking on Human Rights Violations and Climate Chaos.

We need your voice. Tell JPMorgan Chase to defund tar sands, one of the dirtiest forms of oil.

These activists delivered a letter on behalf of 20 Indigenous rights and environmental organizations directly to JPMorgan Chase leadership. The letter demanded that the finance community stop bankrolling projects like the Dakota Access pipeline, the KXL pipeline, and the pending Trans Mountain pipeline. These pipelines will wreak havoc on communities, pollute critical water sources, destroy our climate, and trample the rights of Indigenous communities and local residents across the continent. But massive energy giants such as TransCanada depend on banks to fund their disastrous projects.

Tell JPMorgan Chase to do their part to protect Indigenous rights and the environment.

Tell Banks to Say No to Tar Sands: More than 120 First Nations and Tribes have signed a treaty opposing all tar sands pipelines — one of the dirtiest forms of oil on the planet!

Tell Banks to Say No to Human Rights Abuses: The conflict over the Dakota Access pipeline resulted in despicable violence and abuses — and these will continue as communities fight for their clean air and clean water.

Tell Banks to Say No to Indigenous Rights Violations: These projects continue the shameful history of trampling on Indigenous land rights and broken promises.

- Ruth Breech, Rainforest Action Network

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