Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Oppose rollback of farm animal protections

Wanna eat eggs from these chickens? 
Many of us assume products with the USDA organic label meet higher animal welfare standards -- yet that is not always the case.

Last year, the USDA approved a new rule that clarifies and strengthens animal welfare standards under the organic label -- such as limiting the tail docking of cows and beak cutting of chickens, and giving poultry access to the outdoors. Family farmers, consumer advocates and animal welfare groups support the new rule.

But now, the Trump administration has imposed another delay on the new rule, and is asking Americans if they want to modify it or scrap it entirely. The welfare of millions of farm animals is at stake.
Speak up for animals and use the sample copy below to submit a comment to the USDA by June 9:

(You can cut and paste this comment on the public statement or draft you own. )
I support the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices rule to strengthen animal welfare standards in the National Organic Program. I urge the USDA to choose Option 1 and let the rule become effective without further delay. After years of inclusive deliberation by farmers, consumers, retailers and policy makers, this final rule evens the playing field for farmers and brings organic standards in line with consumer expectations.

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