Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump Just Reopened Our Coasts to Big Oil — Help Fight Back

BIG NEWS: NRDC and its partners are suing the Trump administration to block the president's reckless executive order attempting to reopen our Arctic and Atlantic coasts to dangerous oil and gas drilling. Simply put, Trump doesn't have the authority to reverse President Obama's landmark ban that put those critical waters permanently off-limits to Big Oil.

But as NRDC battles in court, we must mobilize a groundswell of public pressure on Congress to keep our coastal waters protected. It's time to show Trump and his fossil fuel allies that this is only the beginning of a fierce fight.

Tell Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain, and Representative Martha McSally, to support legislation protecting our coasts and oceans from dangerous oil and gas drilling!

Trump's order attempts to reverse President Obama's groundbreaking decision last year that rightly banned oil and gas drilling in almost all of America's Arctic Ocean and Atlantic coast, putting them off limits to Big Oil.

Drilling off our coasts harms our oceans, marine wildlife and coastal communities with leaks and catastrophic oil spills — like the Deepwater Horizon tragedy, which dumped more than 130 million gallons of toxic crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico seven years ago.

The federal government itself estimates a 75% chance of a major oil spill in the Arctic's Chukchi Sea if drilling proceeds there.

More drilling will also set us back in our fight against climate change, shackling us to the heavily polluting fossil fuels of the last century, driving more carbon pollution and slowing America's transition to clean energy.

The NRDC Action Fund is putting our full force behind supporting critical legislation to stop Trump's handout to Big Oil. The Stop Arctic Ocean Drilling Act (H.R. 1784) has been introduced in the House, and we expect other legislation ending offshore drilling soon in both the House and Senate.

Tell your senators and representative TODAY: Stop President Trump's assault on our coasts by supporting critical bills we need to ban drilling in the Arctic, the Atlantic and all other American ocean waters for good.

- Rhea Suh, President, NRDC Action Fund

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